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About Sonic Clean



With more than 10 years of experience being in the curtains and blinds industry, we believe it is your right to breathe in the fresh air that breezes in through your windows and it is what enhances the healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Cleaning blinds may not seem like much, but it’s the first point of contact between the air outside and your home. And when they are not taken care of on a regular basis, dust and allergens will accumulate. Traditional methods may be proven, but by employing state of the art technology hailing from Italy into our services such as the Sonic Vacuum that operates as a double-action water diffusion vacuum and Sonic Steam that takes water to its boiling point and further heating the steam particles to a high of 160ºC which will then be discharged from its high pressured chamber to sterilise your blinds in such a way that they can be thoroughly and meticulously cleaned so that you can be assured that your family will always be breathing fresh air at home. 

When we started out, the norm out there is to have you dismantle and for cleaning and have it back on another day. And we understand that Singapore is a fast-paced society, no one wants to be kept waiting. Neither do we. We believe that there has to be a better way around it without compromising on the standard of hygiene. And that’s what brought about the idea of Sonic Clean. Cleaning your blinds at sonic speed with the efficiency of innovative cleaning technology.

We’d like to give you an experience you never knew you needed. The experience of breathing in that fresh air and the quality time you can spend with your family at home.

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Step 1

Sonic Vacuum

The Sonic Vacuum operates as a double-action water diffusion vacuum. The nozzle sprays a jet of water to throw off the surface dust from clinging onto your curtains and blinds, and the vacuum will suck both stubborn and loose dust that has been set by the water. This prepares the product for the detergent as this can help the detergent to focus on the product rather than dust.


Step 2

Sterilising Detergent

Our Highly Concentrated pH Neutral Sterilizing Detergent kills 99% of germs on your Curtains & Blinds. Its strong and powerful solution removes and inhibits mould from growing, and the lemon-scented solution promises to leave your curtains and blinds smelling fresh all day long.


Step 3

Deep Brushing

Deep brushing is so important that it’s as if we are brushing your teeth. The brush ensures the removal of any stubborn dust that sticks to your curtain and blind. And to top it off, it lathers our Sterilizing Detergent so that it can work its magic much more effectively before we move on to Sonic Steaming.


Step 4

Sonic Steam

The Sonic Steam takes water to its boiling point and further heats the steam particles to a high of 160ºC, which will then be discharged from its high-pressure chamber to sterilise your product. This coupled with the sterilizing detergent kills the germs and allergens at an even higher rate; protecting you and your family.


Step 5

Sonic Vacuum again

To further ensure that all dirt particles are removed, your curtains and blinds are then vacuumed a second time so that you can have peace of mind that the only thing blowing through your curtains/blinds is the fresh air from the outside


Step 6

Clean up

With so much water and steam in the Sonic Cleaning process, there’s sure to be dirty water dripping on the ground. But fret not! We’ll also clean up the area after it is done so that you won’t have to worry about any mess. After all, we’re here to clean!

It’s curtains and

blinds cleaning.



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